Cost of Home Care Services:
  Private Clients  

The charging rates are normally reviewed annually in March to bring them in-line with the increased cost of care inspections (Care Quality Commission) and increased cost of employment.
If you do not qualify for the local authority help, you need to privately pay the cost of your care in full.


  Services Funded by Social Services   The cost of care is set by the local Authority and the rates varies depending on the result of the Health and Care assessment made by the Social Services. In this type of service, our company is paid by the Local Authority and not the service users.  
Funding Sources:

Help from Local Authority

Direct Payment


With Direct Payments, YOU can choose your care provider

If you are eligible to receive social care services from the council, you could choose to receive money to buy your own care. Giving you money instead of services will give you greater control over your life, because you make the decisions about how your care is provided.

Accessing Social Care - East Riding Council Guide

“…You have a right to buy and manage your own care and your council must offer you the option of direct payments. With direct payments, the council pays you an agreed amount. You can then hire the care service of your choice. This could be a relative or friend, or you could employ a care agency to send care workers to your home.”

“…There are many agencies which provide care services. Purchasing services from an agency means that you do not have the responsibility of an employer, instead you have a contract with the agency.”

Quotes from the Department of Health - A guide to receiving direct payments from your local council

Using Direct Payments, you are not limited to a small number of care agencies selected by the council and you can purchase care from any of the reputable care agencies in your area.

Self Funders Information Booklet

For more information on how you can go with any agency of your choice visit:
or your local Council's website and search for 'Direct Payments'.


  Stage 1 -  

Decide who you want to provide you the care:
The first step towards getting the care you need is to find out which agencies are available in your local area.. Not all agencies are the same and they provide a variety of social care services, so you need to identify one that is reputable, could satisfy your needs and are 'Value for Money'.


  Stage 2 -  

Assessment of your needs:
Once you've decided on how you would like the support, you need to ask for a social care assessment from the social services department of your Local Council. At the assessment, a social care specialist will discuss your needs with you so that the right support can be provided.

> For more information you need to contact the Council 

Will I have to pay for home care services?

After an assessment of needs you may be able to get all or part of the care funded through the Local Authority. For more information on if you will need to pay a contribution towards your care services please visit the East Riding Councils link to " Fairer Charging for Non-Residential Care Services".

A Brief Guide to Changing


  Stage 3 -  

Ask for 'Direct Payments':
Once you've identified the agency that you want to provide you the care, you then need to ask for a social care assessment from the social services department of your Local Council. At the assessment, a specialist will discuss your needs with you so that the right financial support can be provided.

> For more information on 'Direct Payment' visit the Council's website 

  Other useful information on 'Direct Payments  

Community Care Act (Direct Payments) Act 1996, By Law you need to be offered 'Direct Payments'

Paying for Services - East Riding Council

Personalisation - Social Care Institute for excellence

Direct payments - Alzheimer's Society

Welcome to Sue's Direct Payments website

Direct payments, personal budgets and individual budgets

The Money Advice Service, an independent advisory on direct payments



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