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Q- What are the advantages of having a local care agency
A - Local Care Agencies are usually smaller in size and cover a smaller geographical area than most national chains. Smaller agencies can offer more continuity in the carers that they provide and are more likely to stick to times that are set out in the care plan. It can offer a more personalised service, matching carers to clients on an individual basis.

Q- What does 'Value for Money' mean?
A - Whilst most agencies have a 1hour minimum call out policy, we want to offer you value for money. Our minimum calls are half an hour, which means you only pay for care that you require. Our Care workers are efficient in their work which means that you do not pay any more than necessary.

Q- In what areas do you provide Home Care?
A - We currently provide to our local area and surrounding villages. Kirk Ella, Willerby, Anlaby, Swanland, West Ella, Cottingham and Hessle.

Q- Are you registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC)?
A - Yes, we are registered and regulated by the CQC, therefore we are licensed to provide care for you.

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Q- What should I expect from a Care Agency?
A - By choosing a care agency you can ensure that our care staff are fully trained, CRB checked and can provide the support that meets your needs.
You will receive a personalised assessment of needs in which you make the decisions about what care you want to receive.
An agency ensures that there will always be carers available to provide your care services and that the care staff are insured to do so. You will be assigned a Care Manager and a Main Care Worker so you will always have contact and support for your continually changing needs.
We can provide as much care as may need to help you maintain your independence so that you can live at home safely.

Q- How many care workers are assigned to me?
A - This depends on how large your care package is. Usually for a client who has 1 visit per day it would be 2, one would be your main care worker and the other cover for holidays etc.
If a client had 4 visits per day this may mean that they would see 4 carers in the lifetime of their care with us. One would be a Main Care Worker who you would see on a daily basis, there would be another for evening visits and the other two would cover for holidays etc.
We ensure that staff schedules are personalised to clients; routines will form and you will know which carer is coming at a specified time that you set to fit your requirements.

Q- Would I be able to purchase care from any care agency?
A - Yes you are in control of your choices. If you are self funding you can contact the agency directly to arrange your own care.
If you think you are entitled to some financial assistance from the Local Authority they will come and do an assessment and decide how much care you are entitled to. From this they can commission the care themselves, meaning you won't be able to choose the agency given to you.
If you want a particular care agency you can request for a Direct Payment. This is where you get a budget from the Local Authority for you to purchase your own care. Giving you more choice of the services and agency that you want to use.

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Q- How do I get assessed to see if I'm eligible for funding from Social Services?
A - You would have to contact the social services in the local authority where you live to arrange an assessment from them. Currently if you have more than £23,500 in savings (East Riding Council) then you would have to pay full cost towards your care services. For amounts less than this you may be entitled to Local Authority funding part of your care or the full cost of your care.

Q- Can I expect the same care worker all the time?
A - Yes, you can expect the same team of care workers. However each staff member is entitled to holidays and days off. To avoid distress to you we like to introduce you to your main care worker as well as those who will be providing the care when they are on holiday. Routines are formed quickly and you would expect to see the same carer on regular days.

Q- Can I expect the care worker to arrive at the same time?
A - Generally, they would get into a routine and arrive at the same time, however there are times that they might get delayed from their previous client and may arrive later than expected, in most cases when this occurs the Care Manager would give you a call to ask if this is ok or arrange for another carer to come in their place.

Q- What does Quality mean in care?
A - It means that you have the right to dignity, respect, confidentiality and privacy. All of our Care Workers work towards the aim of increasing your quality of life. To some people this would be to see a friendly face once a day, to others this may mean a social outing to help them get back into the community.

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Q- How is my care plan put together?
A - Our dedicated Care Manager will arrange to visit you at a time that is convenient to do an assessment. We will work with you to assess what care you require. We will discuss what services you would like, times which you prefer as well as things that carers should know such as personal preferences. We would also do a risk assessment of your house to ensure that yourself and the carers are safe at all times when at your house. We would ask to look at bathrooms and mobility equipment to assess if it is adequate to meet your needs.

Q- What is a Holistic approach to my care?
A - This is where we consider all of your needs when making an assessment. These could be personal, social, financial, psychological, physical, emotional or spiritual. We will work with you to find a solution to any problems you may have. For example if you feel you want to go out into the community more often we can arrange social visits or day centres to try and find a solution to your needs.

Q- How can I change the frequency of the care that I receive?
A - As your needs are constantly changing, the care you receive needs to change with it. If you feel you need more or less care then you can tell the care worker or contact the Care Manager directly to arrange a re-assessment of your needs.
Our care workers are also trained to notice changing needs, if they felt you were not managing with the care you receive they would contact the Care Manager who would then contact you to arrange a review. We also hold regular reviews with you to ensure your needs are continually met.

Q- Could I ask the Care worker to stay longer?
A - Not without prior agreement as they will have to attend to their other clients. If you know that you want extra time on a particular day please contact the Care Manager who will be able to arrange that with the Care Worker.

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Q- Are you insured for accidents or incidents?
A - Yes, we have full employer and public liability insurance in the event of somebody being injured by an accident.

Q- Have all staff been trained?
A - Yes, Our staff are trained and supported throughout their careers. As well as compulsory training we also encourage our staff to do NVQ2 qualifications in health and social care. Our staff have years of experience in working in the Home Care profession and have seen many cases which they have drawn experience from to help them deal with individual needs.

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Benefit Entitlements

You could be entitled to benefits, which could help with the cost of your care.

Benefits Adviser: Use Benefits Adviser to find out what benefits you could get

Local Housing Allowance: East Riding Council Local Housing Allowance

Available Assistance: Carers and disability benefits


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Social Services

Homecare assistance: Homecare assistance from East Riding Social Services

Adult Social Care: Homecare assistance from Hull City Centre

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Social Clubs

Darby and Joan Club Cottingham: Social Club at Cottingham

Community Care Centre: Anlaby Community Care Centre

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Bus Services: East Yorkshire Bus services
Taxi Services: Disabled Taxi services in Hull area

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Financial Assistance

Direct Payment Assistance Council: Information on Direct Payments From the East Riding Council

How much will you pay by going through the Social Services: Information on how much you will be required to pay by going through the Social Services (East Riding Council)

Financial Assistance from Hull City Council: Information on Financial Assistance from Hull Council

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Helping Charities

Age Concern: Help the Aged are now Age UK

The Alzheimer's Society: Alzheimer's Society National Dementia Helpline

AbilityNet : A national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet

Animal Defenders' International : Our group of organisations work together globally for the protection of animals.

The British Heart Foundation: Have a wide range of tools and resources to provide you with information about heart health.

The British Red Cross : volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

Charities Aid Foundation: The Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity that works to create greater value for charities and social enterprise.

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Other Support Companies

Access Ramps: Wheelchair Ramps and Scooter Ramps in lightweight and portable aluminium or glass fibre and graphite.

The Bus Passes Blog: News items about bus passes/freedom passes, and older people in general in the UK.

Free Bus Travel: Bus Pass - Concessionary Fares - Travel Information - England, Scotland & Wales

Care at Home Today: is an online home care advice directory of UK home and domiciliary care agencies and services.

Sabre Stairlifts: Experts in straight, curved and rental stairlifts

Hearing Aid Info: A general information resource about hearing aids, reviews, articles, suppliers, prices, batteries and accessories etc.

Age UK Over 50's Funeral planning: Pre arrange and pay for funeral costs

The Co-Operative Funeral Care plan: Funeral Care plan by the Co-Operative

Pre-payment Plan: Funeral Pre-payment Plan

Sun Life Direct: Sun Life Direct Funeral Plan

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